I’m Feeling 22

Last week, I turned 22!  It was a beautiful sunny day, so my sister and I decided to walk to 5th avenue. A few hours later, my parents arrived bearing gifts and homemade brownies. We ended up going to Hangawi, a vegetarian, Korean restaurant. The restaurant was tranquil and reminiscent of a traditional Korean house. Upon entrance, we were asked to take off our shoes, and our table was at ground level.

I have been to my fair share of restaurants, and Hangawi’s cuisine is the best I have tasted thus far. I ordered the sweet and sour mushrooms, and my family ordered tofu steak, gluten-free tofu broccoli with garlic sauce, dumplings and leek pancakes. Everything on our plates was gone by the end of the night. For dessert, we had cheesecake and blueberry coconut cake.

Needless to say, I had a great birthday. I also got a maxi-dress, sundress, and two shirts to add to my wardrobe. I hope 22 will be a great year!


Check out their website.


 My dinner outfit. I wore one of my dresses from Francesca’s.


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