Francesca’s Clothing Haul and Product Review

The spring semester at Barnard is flying by. I just had a week off, and it was the perfect time for me to do some shopping. Aside from visiting my favorite stores, Artizia, Zara, and Bloomingdales, I made my first purchase at Francesca’s. Francesca’s is a women’s boutique filled with handpicked clothing, jewelry, and accessories from different designers and other boutiques. You are guaranteed to find unique pieces, because they constantly change their selection. When I went, there was a buy one get one 50% off sale on all items and I went a little overboard. At least I need clothes for work!

Here is what I bought. I have no complaints. They are great for the corporate environment and for everyday casual wear.

Like any of the pieces? You can buy them online at Francesca’s, but hurry before they restock!

  1. Adair Scalloped dress in tangerine link
  2. Reese Striped Dress link
  3. Briella Embellished Maxi Dress link
  4. Similar, Jenelle Lace Dress link, Presley Lace Dress link
  5. Judith Floral Dress link
  6. Sharyn Solid Textured Dress link

*The rest of the clothes were on sale, but they are no longer on the site.


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