Everlane French Terry Field Sweater

Product Review of Everlane French Terry Field Sweater

If you haven’t heard of the online retailer Everlane, go check out their site.  It is a great place to look for staple wardrobe pieces, such as basic tees, leather tote bags, book bags, sweaters, and silk shirts. I recently purchased their French Terry sweater using a $25 credit I received after referring a friend to the site. Below are some photos of the sweater.

This sweater is lightweight and slightly oversized. A band on the bottom of the sweater allows it to hug your jeans. If you want an even looser feel, I recommend purchasing a size up. My favorite way to wear this sweater is with my black skater skirt. I add a leather jacket and a chunky scarf to keep me warm.  The great thing is that you can wear this sweater all year round. It will be great piece to wear on chilly, summer evenings.

Click here if you want to see the sweater on Everlane’s website. It comes in additional colors, some added only a week ago. Make sure to look into their referral program once you are there. Twenty-five dollars is a very generous offer!


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